How old do I have to be to start betting?
You must be 18 years old.

What currency can I bet?
Only EUR.

Do you accept debit/ credit cards?
Yes, we do.

What is the minimum bet I can place?
Minimum bet is 3,-EUR.

What is the minimum number of events I can select in one betting coupon?
You can select 1 game.

What is the maximum number of events I can select in one combined betting coupon?
You can select a maximum of 20 games.

What is a combined bet?
A bet where you place minimum of 2 and maximum of 20 events on one betting coupon and winning payout is calculated by multiplying prices of all the events in your combined bet. Note however that ALL events must be correct in order to receive a payout.

Can I select several events from one match in one combined bet?
No, there cannot be more than one event from the same match in one bet.

What happens if one of the events in my combined bet is cancelled?
It counts as a winning bet with odds 1.00.

What happens if a match is moved to another date?
Bet are playing, with the exception of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL.

What happens if my bet is placed after the game has started?
Bet is void.

What happens if I have a bet on handicap (-n) ) and the team wins exactly by n goals?
Bet is void.

What if I write wrong bet, can I change?
You can change it, but only if you are still at the cashdesk.

How fast can I get my winnings?
The Company calculates winnings 1 hour after the end of events which end till 9 pm. Winnings on events which end from 9 pm till 9am are calculated till 10am.

Where I can recive my winnings?
You can recieve your winnings in every Optibet club.

Is it possible to get my winnings if I have lost my checque?
No it is not possible.

How long is the winning checque valid?
30 days after the last event of your bet has finished.

If my questions or concerns are not covered here, whom do I contact?
Our support staff will answer any questions over telephone* (+371 67859932) every day from 09.00 -01.00*. Other times send us an e-mail at [email protected]